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DOM Load and Save API provides a means for serializing XML data. The following example shows how to serialize an XML DOM document and produce ‘pretty’ indented output.

// First load your xml into a DOM
// That’s covered in another answer (see below)
// then check if DOM Load and Save is supported
DOMImplementationLS DOMiLS = null;
if ((doc.getFeature("Core", "3.0") != null)
	&& (doc.getFeature("LS", "3.0") != null))
	// It is support so grab the available implementation
	DOMiLS = (DOMImplementationLS) (doc.getImplementation())
		.getFeature("LS", "3.0");
	throw new RuntimeException("DOM Load and Save unsupported");

// Next create your LS output destination
LSOutput lso = DOMiLS.createLSOutput();

// create a stream to write the resulting xml to
// we'll use a file in this example
OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(outFile);

// create a LS serializer
// and tell it to make the output 'pretty'
LSSerializer lss = DOMiLS.createLSSerializer();
lss.getDomConfig().setParameter("format-pretty-print", Boolean.TRUE);

// finally serialize the xml to your output stream
result = lss.write(doc, lso);

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  1. Ciara Says:

    Thanks, works great, saved me a lot of time trying to format my DOm.

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