Nov 24

The URL class can be used to parse a URL and retrieve the components such as host name

String urlstring = ""
URL url = new URL(urlstring};
String host = url.getHost();   // returns ""

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Aug 03

Many developers use the toURL() method of the File class to convert a File to a URL. This method however does not handle correctly escaping characters that are illegal in URL’s (such as spaces) and has been deprecated.

To convert a File to a URL you should instead first use the toURI() method to convert the file path to a URI. The URI class has a toURL() method that can then be used to convert the URI to a URL.

File file = new File(path);
URI uri = file.toURI();
URL url = uri.toURL();

// or alternatively in one line

URL url = file.toURI().toURL();

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Apr 02

You can use URL class to access an ftp server by using the ftp protocol with the URL

URL url = new URL("");

The URL can then be used to open a connection to the URL and read the contents

If you need more functionality than simply pulling files from the ftp server then some other options include:

  • Sun’s undocumented class
  • Jakarta Commons Net library

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